SEK Banner Design Process

With SEKs exhibition banner I went straight onto Adobe Illustrator and using my research images I managed to work something up as a foundation of the final design. I used the colours that were given to me in the brief and marked out the white banner at the top of the page along with some white lines that came across the page. The effect of these white lines looks like a star/ figure of a person which I thought was fitting as SEK offer exceptional customer service and are friendly.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 14.41.35

From this stage I then went onto to fill in the top banner information that was given to me in the brief, this was fairly strict in terms of where it wanted things to be located due to company guidelines and so this was my interpretation of it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 14.41.40

From this point I wanted to include imagery into the sections that I had guided on the banner as this was an essential part to my design. As SEK didn’t supply me with an imagery I had to use stock images in order to show the effect, these images were used for personal use only and not for any final piece. After I had put the images in I then used text over the top in order to display the courses that SEK have to offer. The reason I used green was because they use it on their website to show positivity and the courses they offer wanted to be displayed as being positive.

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Finally I then added in the website link of the side of the exhibition banner that would be wrapped around when finally displayed and also added in some key points that the client wanted us to include on the exhibition. I have shown below the final design and also a mockup of the exhibition banner.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 14.52.11Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 14.52.46



Structuring a HE essay [Lesson]

The Question – What is it asking?

  • Discuss or debate, exploring both sides
  • Chronological account (biography, history, how an event panned out)
  • Report of practical work or experiment
  • Review (event, book, class)

Check the learning outcomes of your brief or assignment instructions – that is what you’ll be graded on.

Who is the essay aimed at? How do you treat them? ALWAYS bear them in mind.

  • Actual reader (assessors, examiner, employer, tutor at interview)
  • “Fictitious” reader – who is this person and how should you talk to them?
  • Justify yourself
  • Transparency: references to avoid plagiarism or “cheating” – and to be an academic too

Ensure that the tone of voice is academic

  • Intelligent person who understands your topic
  • May not know all the details, so explain them
  • Expects that you do not know it if you don’t state it yourself
  • Is a busy person – so make their life easy
  • Likes clarity
  • First person: “I will explore this issue…”
  • Third person: “This issue will be explored…”

Before you begin…

  • Check the question one more time
  • Look back to previous tutor feedback
  • Reflect o what your strength are
  • Reflect and action your plan to help you wish your essay

How to research:

  • Start with easy texts and videos so that you understand
  • No Wikipedia buy can you start by looking here for an overview
  • Build up your bank of references in more detailed documents
  • Cheat! If appropriate find a good article or video that has a structure that you like and think is useful – use that as a basis of your own structure

Essay Structure

  • Front Page (Name, Module, Essay Question etc.)
  • Introduction
    • Think of it as a map so the reader knows where they are going – overview
    • Say what you are going to say in the essay
    • Write this last
  • Exposition (Explaining)
    • What information do you need your reader to know before they can understand the main points of your essay?
    • Set the scene
    • Review the literature
    • Aims & Objectives
    • No rhetorical questions
  • Paragraphs
    • One idea per paragraph
    • More and shorter paragraphs
  • Conclusion
    • Like politely leaving the podium after a speech – you don’t just walk off
    • Reiterate your ideas
    • Emphasise any conclusions your essay or report makes
    • No questions or ideas, just finalise
  • Bibliography
  • Images (within the text)
    • No fancy layouts – no wrapped text (unless this is in the brief)
    • Label as Figure 1
    • Maker, date, title of image, where images “lives”
    • Reference (Where you got it from) in the bibliography


  • In the text with quote marks and reference
  • “Quote Marks” (Not Italics)
  • Longer quotes as indented & smaller font point (10pt) paragraphs



SEK Research

First things first I went onto SEK’s website in order to have a feel for how they are currently portraying themselves and their style. The main colours used throughout the website are blue and white and it uses the same font throughout the website – due to this I feel as though it is necessary to use blue and white and the font ‘Asap’ throughout the exhibition banner in order to create synergy to their website.

“Social Enterprise Kent is a Community Interest Company (CIC), registered with, and regulated by, the CIC Regulator. This means that all of our operational activities are guided by a commitment to maximising our positive social impact for our target market – local people, communities and businesses.”

SEK offers 4 different training programs:-

  • Business Compliance
  • ICT Training
  • Management Development
  • Personal Development

From all of these training courses SEK managed to up-skill more than 6,000+ people in 2017 and want to improve that figure by 2018. 99.6% of candidates said that they would recommend the training programs which is an extremely high figure!

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.22.51.png

As well as researching into SEK’s company I wanted to see some other already made and successful exhibition posters for some inspiration as I still wasn’t too sure what to go for. The first thing I did was google ‘exhibition banners’ and a few of them gave me some ideas and inspiration – shown below.

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From looking at a few different exhibition banners these 3 stood out the most to me due to their layouts and specifically the one that stood out the most was the NHS banner with the segregated images using swooshy lines. The reason for this is because each section is a completely different person with a different meaning and I felt this would be a good way to portray SEK as they offer different training courses which could be shown in different sections. I used this idea heavily to influence my final design for SEKs exhibition banner.


Research of Ski Websites

I have researched into a variety of different ski brand websites so have a look at their layouts, design and what they all offer. The reason I have done this is in order to have a strong understanding of what other ski brands have to offer, what they do and how they portray themselves in order to inspire me and to spark some ideas.

Rossignol –

  • All items for sale are sectioned off into different squares 3×3 row
  • Only show photographs of the top side ski, how side on or underneath photographs
  • Displays the measurements of ski’s & informs what level of skier should use them and what the ski’s are ideal for (on/ off-piste)
  • Large imagery of mountains and skiers in action throughout the webpage
  • Seems a little basic and outdated (but this is what the company is about – basic skiers)


  • Loads of videos of ski expeditions and travels
  • Proof of professional skiers using their products & reviewing them
  • Creation process of the skis
  • Different ski sub-sections (off-piste, freeride etc.)
  • Shows photos of all angles of skis (top, bottom, side)
  • Close up shots of the ski tips in order to show the design and quality of the skis
  • Videos of riders doing tricks/ using the skis on pistes
  • Slideshow of photographs of the skis
  • I like the layout and colours used on the website

Black Crows –

  • Loads of videos showing explorations & professional riders
  • Main image of ski’s shown with the artwork in the background (vinyl wrap)
  • Has the main image and also you scroll down the page there are the side & bottom shots of the skis that appear on the side of the webpage as a .png
  • Facts about the skis – measurements, flexibility, profile & science behind them
  • Up-selling the matching bindings with the skis
  • Poles have the exact same layout
  • Clothing is laid out in a similar way but also have photographs of the models wearing them in the ideal weather conditions (on mountains/ skiing)
  • Says measurements, size guide etc. for clothing
  • Really like the layout and design of this website, would like to co-operate something similar to this


  • Shows half of the ski with a small paragraph talking about the skis, when your mouse cursor hovers over it the whole image of the ski’s are revealed – nice effect
  • Photographs only show 1 angle of the ski’s (on top)
  • No photographs of skiers using the skis however does show partnered skiers winning medals on the homepage
  • Facts & statistics about the skis
  • Up-selling matching bindings
  • Looks nice but is clean and simple – fitting with their brand

K2 –

  • Photos of the ski’s are shown with top and bottom
  • Vector graphics of ski specs, shape, turning radius etc) – very nice detail
  • Video explaining the ski’s, their materials, speed etc.
  • Shows customers reviews
  • Have a team of skiers that are ambassadors known as the “K2SkiTeam”
  • Very informative page about the skis (shows they have done a lot of scientific research behind skiing)
  • Intelligent page however could have a more aesthetic/ updated web design

Fischer –

  • Has a 360 degree visual concept of ski’s – move the mouse around to see the skis from different angles
  • Transparent vector images of skis with a small paragraph about the skis
  • Beginner to intermediate level
  • Shows the measurements and weight
  • Have the option to make the ski’s “stiffer” for extreme sports
  • Video of the ski’s in action
  • Talks about the technologies that have been included in the ski’s
  • No shot of the sides or bottom of ski’s but has a variety of angles of the top side
  • Really nice updated web design but could be difficult to use on an older computer as could lag with amount of detail and technology (360 VR)

After reviewing different current well regarded ski websites it has given me a strong understanding of the key components that are used throughout the ski industry to promote and sell their products. I particularly liked Black Crows website layout as the colours used and imagery worked extremely well – clean, professional but fun! The website I will make sure to stay away from the most would be Rossignol as it seems a bit outdated and needs revamping, I want my ski brand to appear as modern to appeal to a larger audience in the upcoming future.

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SEK Exhibition Banner Introduction

Nick Holmes came into the college and spoke to the class explaining the brief for his company (Social Enterprise Kent). Essentially the company already has basic designs for posters and banner however he wants a new and improved exhibition banner to give the company a more modern & professional look. Here are some requirements he gave us to follow:-

  • Measurements 3.3m x 2.2m
  • Professional
  • Personal & Friendly
  • Use colours blue, green & purple
  • White bar with info must be at the top of the exhibition banner

Must show:-

  • Training concepts & trainers
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Affordable training
  • Where SEK delivers training
  • Follow-up training

Must use the quote, “High quality results from training” and using the font “Asap”.

I have added the brief below in this blog post and some posters that have been previously designed by SEK.

West Kent College_Previous Banner_Banner 3

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Homework – Essay writing Dadaist Commentary

Die Butter ist alle! – John Heartfield

butter ist alle

To the left is the poster of ‘Die Butter ist alle!’ and this poster could be perceived as a very “normal” image, until one looks closely. Originally it could be seen a German family having a family meal, however there are many different objects within the picture that could change the meaning totally. For example the Nazi swastikas are embroided on the wall, the large centralised photograph of Adolph Hitler and the cushion on the chair of Hindenburg. It could be seen that this German family are Nazi followers.

The translation of the text at the bottom says “Ore has always made an empire strong, but butter and lard have made people fat at most”. This phrase is essentially saying that in order to become strong you should be eating fatty foods but instead eat iron as it is strong and will make you stronger. Of course this point is invalid however it makes the German’s seem superior to the other nations at this time period.

This poster could be seen as normalising the extreme, the reason for this is because the main things they do, such as having a family meal, sitting in the dining room etc are all very normal things. However they are extreme due to the extra’s such as Adolph Hitler, the Nazi swastikas and of course eating iron!

Cut with a kitchen knife – Hannah Hoch

cut with a kitchen knife

This collage depicts all the issues that were on-going throughout the war and post-war. There were so many different groups that were trying to get their views across and one unique group was called the ‘Dada’ and Hannah Hoch was trying to promote the anti-establishment ideology of, “the deposed Kaiser and new president Friedrich Ebert in the ‘anti-Dada’ section” Juliet Jacques, 2014.

From using VTS one can see there is a vast usage of machinery, seeing the likes of cogs, wheels and ball bearings, this suggests that the industrial revolution was a key issues around the post-war chaos. The limited use of women in this images also tells us that women were not as ‘powerful’ as men in this time era. The men would go the factories and do the ‘hard work’ whilst the women stayed at home looking after the children – this has obviously changed drastically compared to nowadays for the better.


FMP – Questioning myself

When starting this project I asked myself a few questions about my idea/ brief, the reason for this was in order to have a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve and why I was doing it. This has helped me as I am now very confident in talking about this project and what my set aims and learning objectives are from this.

What do we want the communication to achieve?

We want the communication of my products to encourage people in buying the ski products and also being more than satisfied with the product when they use it. We want our product to stand out from others by being unique through the aesthetics and USP.

Who are we talking to?

Our main target audience would be skiers or those that live in colder climates. There isn’t an age range for my target audience as anyone of any age can ski so I would say the age range is anything from 5 years old plus. Our ski branding products could also attract outdoor walkers (dog walkers etc.) as the clothing will be ideal for the winter months.

What is the USP (Unique Selling Point)?

The USP is that we won’t just sell one item, it will have variety from ski’s to skiwear to accessories, we don’t specialise in one thing. A variety of ski’s (Piste, off-piste, freestyle etc.) Waterproof and warm clothing will be a necessity, 100% guaranteed & reliable. Vibrant and memorable which stand out from other ski brands, this helps with finding your friend on the slopes as everyone looks the same! It also makes people see the clothing and put two and two together to know that it is from our brand. For example you know the clothing is adidas if it has the logo with the stripes.

Evidence to support?

The clothing has been scientifically proven on the IP scale (Ingress protection), this measures how waterproof and windproof the clothing is. Other evidence will be reviews from professional skiers which will test out the products for a ski season.

How do we want to be portrayed?

We want to be portrayed as fun (as that is what skiing is about!), professional and reliable. I will portray this is my designs by selecting the correct typeface and making the correct clean layout.

Main competitors?

The main competitors would be already existing ski brands and other upcoming ski brands. Some are as follows:

  • Black Crows
  • Dynastar
  • Atomic
  • Head
  • Rossignol
  • Mountain Warehouse
  • Salomon
  • Fischer
  • 4FRNT
  • K2

Why do I want to make my own ski brand?

The reason I want to make my own ski brand is because year on year I go skiing I have to buy something that breaks on holiday. This is because the products aren’t as reliable as they should be. Therefore I want to design a brand that will be more reliable and memorable to other brands. Another reason is that skiing is a niche target audience and is an expensive industry, therefore there is an opportunity for a large amount of profit to be made.

Below is an image of where I answered the questions above in bullet point form: