Shoe Tower

On Tuesday 20th September we were split into 4 different groups in order to construct the tallest and most elegant tower as possible. Joe, James, Rob and myself had never completed this task before and so we didn’t have a strong idea in mind so we use the trial and error technique in order to make the tower as sturdy and tall and possible.

Communication was vital throughout as we needed as many ideas as possible from each group member. At first we collectively decided to have the heavier shoes on the bottom and the lighter shoes on top as it will prevent the tower from collapsing, however throughout the task we realised that some shoes had more flexible soles than others. This made it harder to make a ‘bridge’ effect as the shoe kept caving in.

The image below is of our final tower, and as you can see we opted for a strong base at the bottom with 4 stronger looking shoes, and working our way to the top with the lightest shoes possible – the crocs.



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