Divergent Thinking

Divergent Thinking is a the process of thinking in order to brainstorm loads of ideas no matter how “silly” they may appear.

Convergent Thinking is the process of arranging the most effective/ realistic ideas in order to finalise your main idea. E.g. What might work, logistics, price etc.

In our lesson today we had to brainstorm using divergent thinking uses of different objects, such as a paperclip, a wooden coffee stirrer in the short time of 90 seconds which was allocated to us. The first task proved more difficult than those after as my brain wasn’t able to think as fast, however after a couple of attempts I started thinking more creatively with more ideas – the more ideas the better. We then changed the independent variable (the time allocation) to 5 minutes for the uses of a brick and we found that not as many ideas were flowing compared to the other activities whereby we had only 90 seconds. The reason for this is because we think better when under time pressure as our brains are constantly working, whereas the longer time we have the more relaxed we become.

After using divergent thinking we then used convergent thinking in order to select the best possible idea by evaluating certain thoughts by considering different factors, such as cost, is it ‘make-able’?, health + safety etc.



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