What is Research?

Research is the study into materials/ topics in order to gain a larger understanding of the subject area. Research in conclusion will generically help to improve the overall product as the designer will fully understand the objectives.

There are two types of data you can research, Quantitative data and Qualitative data. Quantitative data is based on numbers or quantities from statistics, surveys, charts, graphs etc. Sometimes quantitative data isn’t always reliable as the figures can lie as they do not tell the whole story. Qualitative data is based on appreciation and value, it is generically written, printed, spoken or filmed and is a result of practical experiments. They are results of experiments on full groups and so makes the data more relatable and reliable.

Aside to the data we can research, there are different sources, Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. Primary Sources are first hand accounts – your own findings and original artefacts, such as museums whereas Secondary Sources of data are when facts appear in print, film, audio or other forms – it is data that has previously been found and you have found the information elsewhere. Examples of research we do on a day to basis would included checking the weather outside, checking the time, reading reviews, traffic, directions etc.

Objective – Supposedly “true”, an opinion which everyone SHOULD agree to

Subjective – You & your feelings/ opinions

Serendipity – Accidental discovery by knowing where to spot an opportunity (Penicillin)

So why do research?

  • To find things out
  • Inspiration
  • To know how to do something
  • To confirm an idea
  • To justify your work
  • To be professional
  • To become an expert

After researching you must ensure that you reference your research with links or it will be taken as plagiarism.


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