Prevent Brief

Day 1

We were given a “surprise” brief which asked us to work with our classmates in order to create an interesting design to promote prevention around the college group. The campaign is made by the government and revolves around anti-terrorism but also about radicalisation. The idea of the brief was a competition to design an interesting poster/ concept in order to promote the prevent campaign in different ways compared to the current boring advertisements.

We started the monday morning with a divergent thinking exercise from using PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting). We analysed a current prevention poster for terrorism and we wrote what we personally liked, disliked and found interesting about the poster. victvs-preventing-terrorism-thumI personally didn’t feel this poster was well designed as it was too basic and empty and the imagery used was very vague and difficult to work out what message was trying to be conveyed. However I feel the use of a tablet (drug) is a clever idea in order to ‘heal’ or ‘prevent’ terrorism. The vibrant green background was an extremely poor colour choice as it doesn’t fit the message that is trying to be portrayed, the designer may have thought that it would make it stand out, but I feel as though this stands out for the wrong reason.

After the divergent thinking exercise we had an hour to make a list of 100 ideas to produce our poster.

After all contributing to the groups 100 ideas we then had to use a technique called convergent thinking in order to reduce the number of ideas and choose the best and most realistic ideas.

After making our main plans for the poster, we then went online to take part in E-Learning prevent in order to cement our knowledge of radicalisation and terrorism. We visited a website called: and this was an online learning website whereby we watched a series of videos in order to understand radicalisation and how we can spot it as early as possible. After using this website to research more into radicalisation this gave us a strong knowledge of the topic which allowed us to make a strong poster idea.

Day 2

On tuesday we went straight into a group discussion deciding on the best ideas and how to implement them into our design. We were testing with different shapes originally making sketches to see if we all liked each others concepts. The images below show some of the group discussions over the 2 days and some sketches/ thoughts that we drew out.

We decided to split the group into two in order to work on two seperate projects, one group was working on designing the prevent poster and logo whilst the other was working on coding and producing the application and website. I was working mainly with the production of the website and application however I was involved with the some aspects of the prevent poster. I suggested the idea of using emoji’s in order to portray emotion, as when we watched the videos on the E-Learning website it suggested that emotion is the primary source to notice whether someone is being radicalised. Here are some images of the production process.

In conclusion I found the ‘surprise’ project eye opening as the deadline was so short so we had to work quickly and efficiently as a group. It definitely helped me to understand what radicalisation is and that although the chance of it happening is very slim, it does happen unfortunately and so we must always be aware of it, however we shouldn’t let it bother us as it could potentially make a poor judgement of someone before you know them. Below are our final finished products.



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