Initial Zine Sketches

My main topic of my zine is ‘inspirational quotes’ this is because I wanted to produce a zine that someone could read and be motivated from afterwards. I brainstormed many different ideas and I used convergent thinking to narrow down the best possible topics. The 6 topics I chose were, Time, Bully, Love, Nature, Anger and Hope, the reason for this is because the audience will be able to somehow relate to these topics as they’re so common in everyone’s day to day life.

I started by sketching out my initial ideas and I wanted to keep my zine black and white – a clean design, with the heading, an image and a few quotations of that topic. Below are photos of my progression through my initial sketches.

As you can see from the images above you can see that I have used easy recognisable images to represent each topic which is large on each page, this is so it stands out and is memorable to the audience.

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