Audience for ‘Type Tours’ Poster

My initial audience when I first read through the brief was the younger generation (10-20 year olds) as I would be able to easily understand their views , reactions and perspective to the poster design. However after some careful consideration I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t aim my typographic poster to an audience just based on age I should ensure it is diverse, and so my target audience is those that are visiting/ live local to Bexhill and are interested in Typography within the area.

I decided to manipulate typography with use of photographs from letters at Peter Blake’s art exhibition in Bexhill onto a spiral staircase which was located inside De La Warr Pavilion. As well as manipulate the letters I also took a photograph of the logo outside of the De La Warr Pavilion and manipulated the logo into the poster at the bottom of the staircase as another form of typography.

I feel as though I have successfully aimed by product to the correct target audience as it shows different forms of type in Bexhill and promotes a well known contemporary art gallery containing amazing typography.


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