Type Tour Poster Process

My initial idea for the poster was revolved around the logo of the De La Warr Pavilion logo which I photographed outside the contemporary art gallery and I wanted to implement that into my final design. After reviewing the photographs I took I decided to use my main image as the spiral staircase as it looked aesthetically pleasing and eye catching for my audience. I started with the plain regular image and manipulating the logo into the spiral at the bottom as shown in the image below.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-21-52-02screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-21-41-46I started by using the logo’s original image and using the brush tool to erase the unwanted excess around the logo. I then proceeded to add a colour correction, using a Hue/ Saturation and Curves in order to brighten the logo and make it appear realistic – which in my opinion it does.

Then I implemented my text onto the silver disc’s in the centre of the spiral staircase, I completed this by using a similar font to those in Peter Blake’s art exhibition and used the warp and rotation tool to make them appear as though there were holes in the disc’s that wrote the word ‘Type’ – as seen from the image below.screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-21-43-13I then had to adjust the colour of the text and texturise it to make the illusion that it was see-through. I also added a colour correction over the top, reducing the saturation, which made the text fit the colour of the disc’s better. Finally I added a gradient over the top and bottom quarter of the poster in order to implement my main text that is needed to stand out to the audience.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-21-43-29screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-21-43-37As you can see from the two images above I added in a large bold title in order to grab the audiences attention. I used a serif font as it is clean, easy to read and fits the typography I am trying to promote. I enlarged the size of the website link as the web address is extremely important because the audience will need to visit that website in order to have more information about typography in Bexhill.


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