Type Tour Poster Research

I started off originally by researching a little bit about Bexhill as I had never heard of the little seaside town before. Bexhill is known for its archaeological sites and victorian/ Edwardian buildings, aside to the architecture it is also popular for its art galleries – De La Warr Pavilion which is where we visited in order to get photographs of different forms of type.

On my trip to Bexhill was my first interaction with a typographic design promoting Bexhill which was a card that was being sold in the shop at De La Warr Pavilion (shown in the image below). The card is a high angle image taken above the De la Warr Pavilion and of the seaside at Bexhill which shows a broad image of the seaside town. The image is large in the frame and appears to be painted which adds to the ‘historic’ aspect of the town. The text on the image is large, bold and clear which make it stand out and is easy to read for the audience.
IMG_8402.JPGAfter researching online looking at different typographic posters from other seaside towns around the United Kingdom I found a similar themed poster from a small town called ‘Seaford’. The image below is of the poster.seaford

I really like the aesthetic of these designs as they appear to be drawn/ painted and it really adds to the historic element of these seaside towns. I would love to produce something like this however I believe that I need to design something more modern/ up to date in order to reach out to my audience as they are most likely to be modern, contemporary artists/ designers. I will use similar features such as the clear, large font in order to keep the simplicity of the poster and to stand out, however I will stick to a modern photograph of something icon/ unique that I find in Bexhill.


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