Progression of my Zine

I started from using my initial sketch ideas in order to help me to illustrate my final images. I felt that drawing my images out on a separate piece of paper each and then gluing them onto my final A5 booklet was the better idea as it removed the chance for ink to go through the other side of the paper which would potentially ruin the final design of my zine. I used a pencil to outline my typography and illustrations and then go over them with a thin black pen and then filled in the text with a black sharpie as the tip of the pen is thicker. Below are a few images I took whilst I was illustrating the images and writing my typography.

Although it seems very simplistic and easy, it took a long time in order to perfect each page as I needed to make sure I got each letter aligned and of the same size with perfect letter spacing. It was a trial and error whilst using the pencil and then afterwards I would make the final product with a pen. Below are some images of my final product of the zine.


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