Zine Audience

When I began to brainstorm ideas for my zine I had to choose my target audience as I needed to know who I was aiming it for and why I was aiming at them because this will affect the way I design my zine. My main idea for my zine was ‘inspiration of quotes’ and so I knew that the zine would appeal to a wide age range because many people enjoy reading inspirational/ motivational quotes when they aren’t feeling the best. Due to the solar flare which is occurring – those who are affected by the solar flare would be able to relate to my zine and so they are my ideal target audience.

Anyone from any age will enjoy my zine as I will make the illustrations easy and basic so those of younger ages can enjoy the illustrations and the typography that I will use is clean and basic, allowing those who are older will be able to read the quotations and hopefully will be inspired/ motivated in the tough time of the solar flare.

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