Zine Evaluation

Visual Communication

When I was first handed this brief in the middle of September I originally thought this task was extremely confusing and difficult. However after some time and consideration I got to grips with the brief and fully understood the task.

My Zine convey’s a visual message by inspiring those that are struggling/ finding it difficult because of the solar flare. I have managed to keep my zine very motivational as during this ‘dark’ time the population will not be the most inspirational and so I feel as though the creation of my zine will help lift people up – metaphorically. Therefore I personally believe that I have successfully met the needs of the brief.

The strengths of my zine would be the illustrations and quotes that are included throughout my product, the reason for this is because my illustrations are basic and are easily recognizable to the audience, therefore they can relate the illustrations to each sub-topic (Time, Love, Nature etc.) The reason I made the illustrations simple is because I wanted to have a broad audience as I wanted everyone who is affected by the solar flare (from all ages) to be able to read the zine and be inspired. The visual message I wanted to portray was to inspire and motivate those affected to stay strong in this difficult time and to show them that things will become better with time. I also feel that the type I used in my zine was varied to an extent which I feel is a good thing as I was able to experiment with different lettering, spacing, size etc.

In order to improve my product I believe I should’ve used different textures and materials instead of just ink and paper. Although I really like the effect it has on the zine as it is clean and aesthetically pleasing, I feel as though I should’ve used alternative materials to make the zine more interactive with the audience. Such as cotton wool, sandpaper, real leaves etc.

Reflection of own working practice

My time keeping throughout the progression of the zine was extremely good as I finished my zine was a couple of days before the deadline. This allowed me to review it and add in extra fine details in which were necessary in order to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. The reason my time keeping was good was because I started my initial sketching and ideas very early on in the brief which enabled me to have my final idea set in stone near the beginning, this allowed me to fully focus on making my zine perfect with a lot of time to spare.

In my opinion I successfully analysed the brief as I produced a zine, – 8 pages in length, and I didn’t use any digital methods in order to produce my zine, just pen and paper alone. Aside to the use of a photocopier so that I had a master copy and a photocopied copy, however the brief stated that this is allowed.

My research for my zine constructed of using the internet, looking at other peoples already made zines and seeing their designs, taking inspiration from them. As well as looking at zines I also researched into typography and letter spacing by visiting a website called ‘http://type.method.ac/’ which allows you to practice your letter spacing. The reason I did this was because I wanted to understand every aspect of typography and how important it is to make sure the lettering is drawn perfectly.

I thoroughly enjoyed this brief even though I believe I am more digitally based. When I first saw the brief I panicked as I felt as though my drawing skills were not up to standard, however this proved not the case as I had enough time to draw multiple sketches and ideas which made my final product very precise and aesthetically pleasing. The main part of the brief I enjoyed was the initial sketches as I was able to just brainstorm loads of ideas without them looking ‘amazing’ but the thought behind them was key. The part of the project I didn’t enjoy so much was making the final piece as I found it very stressful ensuring everything was perfect, this is partly because I am a perfectionist! However I was happy with my end product.

In conclusion I feel as though this brief went well and was successful despite my original thoughts on the brief. If I were to do this brief again I would make my product more creative by using different materials and textures in order to make the zine more interactive with the audience. All in all I believe the black and white, clean effect I wanted to portray worked well and efficiently.

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