Zine Research

When first given this brief I didn’t fully understand what a ‘Zine’ was, because of this I went away and researched into Zines to find out what they were, examples of zines, why they were made etc. I first found out that a ‘zine’ is a shortened word for ‘magazine’ however they were typically made for rock gigs, football matches etc and were called ‘fanzines’.

Zines are small products that are made typically by hand (no use of digital methods, besides a photocopier) which are then given out/ sold by the creator to ‘fans’. Zines were very popular in the 1930s – 1970s in rock/ punk gigs as it allowed these designers to show off their talents and to express themselves/ their views in a unique way. Sometimes it was with reference to the punk gigs and sometimes it was about other topics such as intersexual feminism, poetry, art & design etc.

These two images above are photographs I took from a punk zine from 1978. As you can see there is use of colour within this and the image look very detailed, this is because this designer used the help of a photocopier, however I have decided to stick to pen and paper, keeping my design clean, neat and simple.zine.jpg

I also undertook secondary research by using the internet to find out examples of zines. The image above shows a zine that inspired me as there are so many different forms of type used within this Zine and this is something I would like to implement into my own design. The reason I like this so much is because it is unique and conveys a clear visual message.


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