Fruit Waste – Group Work

We were split into 5 different groups evenly mixed between the 3 different year groups. Our group called the campaign ‘Pride in the process’ as our original idea was to inform the employees of how far the fruit has travelled and for them to carelessly drop the fruit is unacceptable. The employees at the factory are the ‘middle-man’ as the ‘journey’ of the fruit doesn’t end with them, it ends when the fruit is on the consumers plate, which is a few steps after them. Their role is extremely important and we wanted to tell them this in a positive way instead of putting them down due to either guilt or negativity.

One of our group members had an original idea however we felt it didn’t suit the original message we wanted as it showed fruits leaving the factory with celebration and some fruits leaving with commiserations due to their looks. This isn’t what we wanted as the employees cannot affect this number of waste as it is down to the supermarkets only wanting ‘good looking’ fruit. Below is the image of the sketch.


After this we felt as though we could convey a message through the use of symbols as the employees speak little to no english, and so we decided to illustrate the journey of the fruit through a timeline process. As you can see in the sketch below we wanted to show the fruit in the farm, in the post and at the factory as it shows the different stages the ‘life’ of the fruit has.


From this, James, a member of our group used his skills in graphics to design the characters on his computer, making these light-hearted characters.

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