Design Process [PW]

For my initial idea I had to revolve around my groups campaign ‘Pride In The Process’, the meaning of this is to make the employees take more pride in their job as it is an extremely important part of the process. We wanted to make the employees feel positive about their job and remove all negativity, this would help to give off the positive vibes.

Firstly I started off by sketching my idea of a piece of fruit in the centre and around the apple in a circle there are different characters which represent the different people involved within this process. Below is a photograph of my initial sketch.unadjustednonraw_thumb_5b5

As you can see the main attraction to the image is the apple in the centre of the poster which shows as an example a location of where some fruit is travelled from (Peru) and it has to travel over 10,000km to get to the UK. There are also other images around the outside to show the process however as time progressed into the production stage I decided to change those images slightly.

Next I sketched the characters that I wanted to use for the process around the outside of the apple, you can see these below.

These sketches do look extremely basic, however I felt that this was the best option as reflecting on the clients original feedback he said that he really liked one of our group members illustrations because they weren’t too serious and make the design light-hearted, yet still conveys the message effectively. After I made these sketches I took photographs of the products and put them into my Adobe Illustrator program in order to sketch over them with a graphics tablet, below are some images of my process.

As you can see I effectively traced over my sketches to make a digital copy and then filled them in with colours in order to fit the generic conventions (of a farmer, postman, employee at fruit factory.) I did the same for the apple and managed mask out the map of the world into the apple using image trace and playing around with the rotation, positioning and scale of the world. I feel like it gives the effect that is has been half eaten/ rotted away, there are many different ways one can convey this message.

Finally once I had digitally drawn all of the sketches I changed the positioning of them and rotation in order for them to fit onto the apple making the process a clear understanding. I did this by adding in arrows in order to show its a step by step process that the audience needs to follow to understand. I used 3 main colours from the fruit factory’s logo for the arrows, Red, Green & Orange. Below is an image of the final product.PrepWorld finale.png

Here is my final design and I feel as though it successfully shows a process from the farmer, to the postman, to the workers themselves and to a fruit that has been splat on the floor. It’s a process to show how far the fruit has travelled and that the employees must try to prevent wasting fruit as much as possible.

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