PW Target Audience & Visual Message

The target audience for this brief were the employees at the fruit factory. The difficulty with these employees is that they are all from different nationalities speaking different languages, with little knowledge of English. Therefore as a result of this I had to think of a alternative solution, instead of using type I had to convey a visual message which people from different nationalities and cultures would understand. As a result of my research into visual communication and other existing fruit campaigns I was able to create an easily understandable ‘process’ of the production of fruit. I have decided to have the centre attraction of the poster to be an Apple as it is one of the most common fruits, and I masked the world map into the fruit making it look ‘rotten’ to give off the effect that the fruit has been wasted.

The main message I wanted to convey for my product is to show the process that the fruit takes before it arrives at the fruit factory and that they are an important part of the process. I displayed the location of where the fruit had came from (Peru) with a sketch of a farmer, I then had an image of an airplane flying from Peru to the UK with a postman standing on the apple/ world as he has to deliver the fruit safely, and finally the employees themselves cutting up the fruit. This should inform the workers that because the fruit has travelled such a long journey to get here, and to grow the fruit as well the employees should take more pride in handling the fruit as to drop the fruit and make it waste is unacceptable.


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