Defining Key Words

Professionalism – Professionalism is the skill/ act of being responsible & professional in your job

Professional Practise – The tasks you undertake in order to become more professional. The act to improve your expertise/ professionalism in your job

Expertise – Expertise is the experience that one has within a certain job industry

Sustainability – Sustainability is how strong/ durable something is and how effective it is. For example a design could be sustainable because it has a strong message, interesting and is effective for a long period of time.

Social Responsibility – Social responsibilities are the different responsibilities we have in social situations and how we deal with them

Social Awareness – Social awareness is how aware we are to social situations and how to prevent them

Social Innovation – Social innovation is how creative someone is by inventing/ designing unique and effective things into society

Design Activism – Design activism is when the designer ensures that their product isn’t going to cause political conflicts as they want to make their design as neutral as possible to prevent damaging their career.


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