Research of Creative Review

The ‘Creative Review’ is a monthly magazine which targets art & design. It has roughly 20,000 readers and focuses mainly on the media from the UK and the USA, displaying contemporary advertising, design, illustration, new media, photography and typography.

The creative review’s typical dimensions are 24.7cm x 24.5cm with a bleed from the side of 1.5cm and from the top & bottom of 1.7cm. However when creating a double page spread the middle of the two pages will typically be an image split in two therefore there isn’t a bleed in the centre of the page.

double-page-2The photograph above shows a common double page spread that is present within the Creative Review magazine. The main photograph is centre of attention as it is large in the frame and also splits between two different pages. I feel as though I want to do a similar concept of this because it makes the article appealing to the audiences eye.

The two front covers above from two different creative review magazines I found online have very similar conventions, their use of colours and shapes used to creative the imagery. They appear to use blocky colours for shading and overall design. This will fit nicely with my idea as I am going to be using the subculture ‘Psychedelia’ which is fitting due to the extensive use of vibrant colours and unique shapes in psychedelic artwork. Also, the Creative Review has a standard for the Masthead ‘CreativeReview’ in the same font each time, and also it displays the date of the issue and the price of the magazine. I will ensure to use these key features when designing my front cover.


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