Design Process – Front Cover

I started by dragging my sketch into Illustrator and tried to use my graphics tablet to sketch over it and make my design look professional and ‘psychedelic’. However after an hour of playing around I couldn’t see this process working very well. The screenshot below is of my progress that I wasn’t too keen on.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 13.14.57.png

I then changed up my idea and decided to digitally make an ‘eye’. Below is a digital concept I came up with by using inspiration from my research of psychedelic artwork. After some consideration and feedback from my class mates I felt as though the colours weren’t vibrant, which is unconventional from the psychedelic subculture, therefore I felt the need to adapt my inital idea to have a more vibrant colour – appealing the audiences idea, particularly as a front cover. Both concepts are below.

I came back to my design the day after and had brainstormed a few more ideas over night. I thought that combining 2 of my thumbnail sketches could improve my front cover, and so making my front cover into a face like figure by duplicating the eye and designing a nose. Here is the outcome.






After designing this I really liked the idea and concept that I had put together. I then felt the need to mess around with the colours and gradients to see if I could make the design stand out more or have a different effect.









I played around with a few different gradients and effects and came together with this concept, however I feel as though it took away the ‘fire’ feel to my design and had too many colours to it which removes its message. Therefore I decided to stick with my original idea.





Below is the finalised front cover.

Front Cover.png


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