Sketches for Front Cover & Double Spage Spread

Here are some small thumbnail sketches that I created for my front cover.


After asking my class for some feedback and my own personal opinion I felt the best sketch was the first drawing of the eye, I was to base my main design from this, and the image below is a large image of my progress.

As you can see, I originally (left side) drew ‘heaven’ above the eye and under the sea underneath the eye, however I felt as though ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ would be more fitting due to the psychedelia being known as ‘Soul-Revealing’, therefore I decided to finalise my sketch (right image).

I then went on to review different magazine articles within the Creative Review and I came across a design which really caught my eye as it was clean and eye to follow/ read. I used that design as inspiration and came up with the following sketch for my double paged spread.


As you can see the main focus of the articles is the imagery, and it is easy to follow from left to right. Also the use of columns on the right and left side of the double page spread can be used as framing to draw the attention of the audience towards the images, which will be very fitting to the subculture of psychedelia.







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