Double Page Spread Process

Firstly I pulled my sketch of the double page spread into InDesign in order to get the main outline/ layout of my double page spread. I completed the layout by using lines to separate each individual section and to give the double page a clean aesthetic. Here is a screenshot of the layout I put together, the text was placeholder text originally for the aesthetic, however I changed this with an article later on into the design process.


After some careful consideration into my sketch of the double page spread I felt that the imagery of using drugs wouldn’t be as significant for the audience as people don’t necessarily associate ‘drugs’ with psychedelic people nowadays, therefore I felt a bit convention of psychedelia would be the artwork. This included bright colours and ‘weird’ shapes. From this I used similar imagery as used on the front cover in order to create synergy between the front cover and double page spread, this allows the reader/ audience connect/ relate the two designs together. Below is another screenshot of my progression.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 15.55.35.png

As you can see I used a single eye instead of the double eyes, the reason for this is because after doing some research into psychedelic artwork I found that many people have experiences ‘Cyclops’ in their ‘trips’. I felt that the synergy was still strong between the front cover and double page spread due to the uniqueness of the eye and nose and was still conventional for Psychedelia, I changed the shading/ colouring of the eye as well to again, give it a slight difference to the front cover, yet still having bright, vibrant colours which will be attracting to the readers eye. I also felt the need to have reference to the Creative Review within my double page spread, and the double page spread seemed slightly empty on the right hand side above the title page, therefore I added the two letters of ‘C’ and ‘R’ in a diagonal style. I feel as though this helps the magazines flow of reading as its telling the reader/ audience to read from top to bottom and go down each ‘column’.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 16.12.21.png

Finally I found a psychedelic website/ artist called ‘MosaicScience’ which has produced some psychedelic artwork that displays the views of someone when they have ‘tripped’. I feel as though these images show a strong representation of psychedelia as a main convention of ‘tripping’ is to see different perceptions of things (double heads, brain storms etc.) It also refers to soul revealing as the top image shows everything spilling from the brain, the truth is revealed. I have referenced the images with a copyright symbol below each of them with ‘MosaicScience’.

As for the article, when I originally added the text into the double page spread it was all hyphenated and had many ‘Widows’ and ‘Orphans’, I decided to fix this by adding soft returns into the paragraphing and also selected to have the text to fit across the column making the typography neat. I used the button below.screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-16-15-37

As well as the neatness of the paragraph, I also wanted to make the first letter of the first paragraph larger than the rest (a Drop Cap). This is a very small design style however it brings a high level of professionalism to the type design. Below is a screenshot of my first paragraph displaying the tool in action.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 16.18.13.png

Here is my final double page spread.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 16.21.09.png

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