Book Cover Details

Investigating Love: A Scientific and Cultural Exploration

By Jim and Kate Thursday

Published by Penguin books


“A feast of information about our strongest emotion. The Thursdays tackle this sensitive subject with both serious objectivity and some amusing asides.” New Scientist

“I will never look at my wife in the same way again.” The Guardian

This book clearly explains the biochemical and biophysical process by which the idea of love can influence the human body and can direct our positive and negative emotions. The text gives a clear cut analysis of the role of perception, beliefs, and emotions in determining our cultural perspectives on love. It also exposes the physical role of the heart in becoming the “seat of emotions” and explores how the human heart can generate strong electromagnetic fields that can influence the functioning of each and every cell of human body.

The Thursday’s book also takes a walk through history to investigate how the heart has become a cultural symbol for love and discovers other powerful and long-lasting symbols of love, as well as some more ephemeral and short-lived ones. Finally, love is explored through the lens of business transactions, from the ancient marriage dowry, to the shopping mall driven celebration of St Valentine’s Day.


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