Creative Review – Evaluation

Visual Communication

Personally I feel as though my design meets the needs of the brief as I have followed the task of designing a front cover and a double page spread for a subculture that is having an unexpected revival from the past. I chose the subculture of Psychedelia which was extremely common in the mid 60s-70s and was typically involved with youths of the time period. I chose to use psychedelic artwork in my design because of ethical implications of the drug uses ,this meets the needs of the brief as I the visual message displayed from my front cover and double page spread is clear that it is fro the psychedelic subculture.

My strengths of the visual communication are the bright colours used throughout my design and the synergy between the front cover and double page spread. The synergy throughout my products is very strong and therefore the audience are able to get a clear understanding of the visual message which is being portrayed. The use of psychedelic artwork is a main convention in the subculture, therefore the target audience will be able to relate with the imagery within the front cover and double page spread. The imagery involves artwork from psychedelic users to portray what they have seen when they have ‘tripped’ on the drug and so again, the message from the subculture of psychedelia is strong. However from someone outside of the target audience or has little understanding of the subculture, they could find it slightly harder to understand the message. Reflecting upon this now, I feel as though I should’ve used some imagery of drug consumption as this is a main convention from the subculture, however I felt this should’ve been left aside due to ethical implications.

Reflection of working practises

My time keeping throughout this brief was extremely good, I feel as though this was due to the timing of the brief. We were set the brief just before our Christmas break which allowed me to do a lot of research into subcultures and my chosen subculture over the month of December until I went back to College the following month. Due to my in depth research I feel as though it helped me to plan my sketches and designs of the products with plenty of time to finalise my finished products. I feel as though because the brief was around a month and a half in length it allowed me to gain a full understanding of the brief, therefore my analysis of the brief was very good, thus allowing me to create a good final product.

My research allowed me to have a full understanding of the subculture ‘Psychedelia’, the main conventions, the signifiers of the subculture etc. From having such detailed research it allowed me to brainstorm a lot of ideas and designs, this benefited my final product greatly. My research consisted of analysing psychedelic artwork, understanding of psychedelic drugs (their effects, reasons people consume them etc.) and also the psychedelic music.

Throughout this project I used experimentation when coming to my final product of the front cover. This consisted of playing around with different sketches and effects until I liked the aesthetic and visual message I was trying to portray. In the end for my front cover I used a mixture of two sketches (the large eye sketch and the close up of a face sketch). The two of these together worked very well in my opinion, and therefore through experimentation it made my final product stronger.

Personally I really enjoyed the freedom with this project, it allowed me to choose a subculture that interested me, and it kept me focused to keep working harder on the brief. Also, researching into the subculture of Psychedelia was extremely interesting, sometimes research can be tedious however because of the freedom with this project, the research was something I really enjoyed, just as much as the designing of the products.

I personally worked best on the research whilst I was at home as I could do the research in my own time, however for the designing of my products I worked much better at college, the reason for this was because there are much less distractions at college. In order to ensure I work well at all times is to remove the potential distractions by either working in a different room to the distractions or come into college on my days off to work.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this brief, mainly because of the freedom of the project and because I had enough time to make sure I researched everything in full detail. In the future I will make sure I always think about the ethical implications of my designs to improve myself as a conscious designer. Below are some images of my final products.


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