Penguin Book Styles

I was given the book cover brief today and so immediately I went to research different Penguin books in order to see trends and conventions that are used throughout the book company. I instantly noticed the logo of ‘Penguin’ is always situated on the bottom of the spine and the bottom of the front cover, however sometimes the front cover penguin logo is adapted slightly to fit with the book. For example for a book to do with love there would be two penguins that are getting married instead of a single penguin in a circle.

The original Penguin books had a main colour scheme of Orange & Cream (white), which I really like due to its simplicity and originality, however as the years have progressed there are many more diverse book covers now. Below are a few images of book covers I have researched into.

As you can see the original Penguin book cover is the very right image, and I researched into this ‘genre’ of Penguin book and I found a very interesting book cover which would fit with my book cover brief.


As you can see above instead of using the generic Penguin logo they have adapted the logo to fit with the book title ‘We decided on forever’ which is to do with marriage and love. I feel as though this would work well with my final book cover.


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