Book Cover Evaluation

Visual Communications

Personally I feel as though I have successfully completed the brief by following the steps given to us at the beginning of the task. I completed this brief all under ‘exam conditions’ without the help of my tutor. I didn’t find this too challenging however the deadline we had to complete the brief was extremely tight. The brief said not to use found images which I have stuck to with the exception of the Penguin logo’s, the reason for this is because the Penguin Books is a brand and so the logo should be kept the same throughout. I recreated some iconic designs from the Penguin Books, such as the masthead.

The visual communications in my project are simplistic yet effective, I have used the primary colour of red for my book cover as the book is about ‘love’ and the colour red represents love & lust. Aside to this I kept with the simplistic style of penguin books which doesn’t give off a strong message to the audience, however the target audience will be attracted to the book as Penguin is a well known book company.

In order to improve my work I would include some illustrations/ variety to my book cover, the reason for this is because my book cover is very simplistic and so doesn’t have a strong visual message that is trying to be portrayed.

Reflections of Own Working Practises

My time keeping of this project was good, this is purely due to the fact that we didn’t have much time to complete the task therefore I was working every hour of the day at college to put together my design. However I feel as though I have been slightly lacking on the blog posts because of the short time frame, the reason for this is because I wanted to ensure I had a final product before the deadline which made me stop thinking about the blogging. This also made my research less detailed.

My research could’ve been much more detailed if I had more time for the brief, I would’ve researched into different Penguin Book genres, experimented with different book design sketches that I made on paper and in Illustrator. However due to the short time frame I wasn’t able to do this therefore I stuck with my initial idea.

Overall I did enjoy the designing aspect of the project as it was fast, which made me test myself to see if I could work with short time conditions, which I can. However I feel if we had slightly longer to complete the blogs then my blogging would’ve been much more up to date and detailed.


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