Digital Book Design Process

I started off by creating two large red rectangles on the top third and bottom third of my canvas in order to create the Penguin book style, I chose the colour red to fit with the title of the book of ‘Love’. I then went onto fit the typography for the title of the book and the authors in the centre rectangle with some small red lines in order to split the type up, simple yet effective. I then proceeded to use a logo used in the Penguin books before when ‘marriage’ or ‘love’ is the topic, therefore felt it was fitting to include it into this book. And finally I recreated the masthead ‘Penguin Books’ in order to fit the Penguin books conventions. The screenshots are below to show my process.

I then went on to produce the spine, I started with using the main text I wanted to use (the book title), and from this I felt the need to include lines to split the text up as it was difficult to read. From this it allowed me to create a cross effect with the authors names and the generic convention of the Penguin logo on the bottom of the spine. Screenshots of my process are below.

Finally I went on to produce my book cover, I made a large box to fit the whole page of cream with a thin red border around the inside of the cream rectangle. From this I used the type given to me by the client to insert the blurb and reviews made my well known companies such as ‘The Guardian’. I made the reviews italic to make them appear as though they are quoted – which they had been. For the final finishing touches I added the penguins at the bottom of the page along with the barcode to follows the conventions. Screenshots of the process are below.

Here is my final product.

Book Cover Design.png


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