Test Prints & Final Prints

I firstly decided to undertake a test print in order to see how my final printed copy would look like and for scaling. After printing it onto A4 paper I realised the scale was too small to fit around my book and the colouring was slightly off. Here are some photographs of my first test print.

As you can see the colour of the red isn’t as dark as I wanted therefore I decided to play around with the colour settings on the EPSON printer with higher quality A3 paper and the print was much better – as shown below.


After trimming this down I realised it was extremely too large for my book cover, and therefore I needed to change the scaling of the print – I had put ‘scale to fit’ in the printer settings which was incorrect, and instead should’ve selected ‘scale to size 100%’. This prints out my product as the measurements from my original document. Below are some images of my final product wrapped around my book.

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