Analysis of Portfolio Websites

NB Studio

I do like NB Studios portfolio website, the main reason for this is because of the large imagery displayed on the homepage, it automatically transitions between different work that they have created, this causes an instant attraction to the audience. As well as the aesthetic, it is very easy to navigate around the website as the typography is clear and simple, allowing the user (myself) to easily navigate around the site. I feel as though the website could’ve been more interactive, for example when you move the mouse curser over the hyperlinks they would enlarge/ change colour, aside to this I feel as though the website is very well designed.


Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser’s website rely’s mainly on images, there is limited text on this homepage and so wants the audience to view their work. I like the user interaction on the webpage, when you hover over the images at the bottom of the page a drop shadow becomes present, it is something small however is a nice touch. The one thing I dislike about this portfolio website is the fact that is seems a bit dull/ empty, the reason could be due to the colour scheme that has been chosen (white & grey). I feel as though I different colour scheme could help boost the website positively.


Carter Wong

Carter Wong’s website is very vibrant from the beginning due to the colour scheme of yellow which instantly grabs the audiences attention, as well as the colour scheme the large use of imagery adds to the vibrant effect, particularly the Cornetto image. The homepage is mainly just images with a small amount of text underneath informing the user what this sub-section involves, and when they click on the image it will redirect them to a different section of the website with more in-depth detail about the portfolio work. I feel as though the use of imagery on the homepage is a great way to originally attract the audience as we as humans have been proven to prefer to view something than to read something.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 13.03.53.png

Pearl Fisher

The homepage of Pearl Fisher’s website is very aesthetically pleasing due to the moving image on the main banner, also the typography and colour scheme adds to the aesthetic of the homepage as it gives the website a high level of ‘class’ and ‘professionalism’. Also I really like the user interaction as when I hovered over an image/ text the typography changes colour or the image fades slightly. These are very small effects however they’re very clean and give the product a professional feel – making the website more attractive.



Barnbrook’s website isn’t very user friendly as it can be slightly difficult to understand at first, the reason for this is because the front home page is just a large image with no text/ hyperlinks and so it is confusing how to fully access the site. However once you’ve managed to access the portfolio work it is well laid out and is interactive. The site is well designed, however the user friendliness of the site can be slightly poor at times.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 13.09.57.png

Studio Cuculic

I personally strongly dislike this website, the first reason being is because it doesn’t fit the dimensions of the webpage, there is so much empty space on the right side which could be filled in. Also the navigation is very poor as there are images however when you hover over them there is no indication for them to be a hyperlink at all. It is very basic, therefore I will not be using this website style as inspiration.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 13.12.14.png

Jake Tilson

I like the simplicity of square images on the homepage that allow the user to easily be redirected to the sub-genre they wish to look into, this is very user friendly. The only downfall for me personal of this website would be the colour scheme that has been chosen. Personally the use of red and a dirty yellow/ cream has removed the quality from the website, I feel with a good colour scheme and a good choice of typography (font) this website would improve dramatically.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 13.15.00.png

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister’s website is by far the most creative out of all the website I have analysed. Firstly the large images on the front homepage automatically transitions between themselves and all images have the ‘About, Work, Press, Answers, News, Store’ and from the images you are able to click on each separate sub-section to be redirected to that section on the website. This is very unique and effective and from this I feel as though it will make the audience instantly attracted to their website as it stands out from all of the others.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 13.16.34.png