27/02/17 – Lemons & Phenomenology

What is?

What if?

What works?

What wows?!?!

Experience Design

Different kinds of experience:

  • Everyday – Eating, Sleeping, Smelling, Driving, Language, Emotion
  • Recognised – News, Eating out, Roadkill, Meeting someone new, Death
  • Group memory – Terrorist attacks, the sesh, eating out, holiday, social gaming (competitive – online)

We undertook a practical exercise whereby I had a partner and we helped each other to balance on 1 leg by holding each others hands, we switched legs after a short period.

Cognition – (Knowing, Mental understanding)

Sensory Perception – (Physical, bodily feeling, touching, balance, senses)

Emotion (“Affective domain”, gut feeling or reaction, positive or negative)

When dealing with dirty water as designers we need to thinking about emotion as we need to think about what peoples perception would be of the design.




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