Design for the future will require visualisations – that enable understanding of the impacts suggested by the complex data, to allow: community participation (me and you) to collaborate, plan, development for the greater good, have an informed voice.

Styles & Techniques

  • Infographic (“facts”)
  • Sketches (an impression)
  • Photography (seems “real”)
  • Narrative (Graphic novel, video story, written story, images – engages on emotional level)
  • Collage, montage (brings known images into new juxtaposition)
  • Maps (Whereabouts, comparisons and change)
  • 3D imaging and models
  • Animations (of all of the above)
  • Labels and anchors (pins meaning to one direction)

Purposes of visualisation?

  • Creativity
  • Signs
  • Communication
  • Safety
  • Driving
  • Disability
  • Career
  • Advertisement
  • Goals
  • Weather

Ethics! Key Advice

  • Always make it ethical, able to be corroborated
  • Make it visual
  • Make it local
  • Make it connected

To prevent upset/ conflict with others – to see the potential outcome of the idea.



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