Logo Design Process

As always I started off my logo design process on pen and paper to get a rough idea of what I wanted my logo to look like. I used my initials ‘C’ and ‘H’ in order to create a unique design. At the beginning I tried wrapping the C around the letter H however I felt as though this was a little far fetched and didn’t give off the effect I wanted. Therefore I decided to play around with the ‘C’ to make it flow into the ‘H’ and from this I adapted a very basic design into something more ‘professional’ as shown below. I made a few adaptations of this design.


I think took to photoshopped and instantly chose a font that was simplistic and played around with the positioning of the two letters. Here are two screenshots from when I imported the two letters to once I had moved them around slightly.

I was very happy with the logo design I made as it isn’t too complex and is easy to understand/ read with the font choice, positioning and lettering. Here is the final outcome of my logo.

logo 2.png






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