Website Sketches

I made multiple little thumbnail sketches for my website, testing out if i’d prefer a header along the top of the webpage or down the side. For me personally I preferred the aesthetic of the webpage down the side as it is unique and makes the webpage more ‘square’ making the alignment/ layout of photographs and typography much easier. Here are some photographs of my final sketches for my portfolio website.


As you can see I had drawn out each 4 pages that would be accessible on my webpage as an idea of how my final website will look. I kept a similar trend throughout the webpage by putting the title of each page at the top and centre of the page with a small subtitle underneath displaying what each section entails. As well as this the social media links are also on the bottom of every page, which will help to promote/ advertise my social medias.

The colour scheme of my webpage will be light blue (for the side header) and a cream overall background, these two colour complement each other very well. I used Adobe Kuler: Colour Wheel in order to help me with the selection of my colour scheme. I found a strong colour palette (shown below) and chose the centre blue and the cream (to the right), this is because they are both lighter colours and fit well together.Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.33.22.png


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