‘Good Design’ Evaluation

Throughout this project brief I have tried to be as sustainable as possible by reducing my amount of wastage and time by making sure I use the fastest and most effective method to produce a high quality piece of work. The main factor was that this project was entirely digitally based as I was producing a website therefore there was no chance I could of used paper for test prints to increase my wastage.

I considered the ethical implications for my project, the main ethical implication for the design of my website would be the use of my design work. I ensured that there was no copyright infringement throughout the website and also all of my design works have limited/ no ethical problems as I am a socially conscious designer and so each design I produce and work on, I am 100% certain there will be no chance of offending the audience.

For me I personally feel as though this project as allowed me to step forward as a socially conscious designer in someways as I have been able to reduce the amount of paper wastage by doing lots of test prints – this is because the project has all been revolved around Muse. Also, Muse was a completely new program to me at the beginning of this project and I feel as though this project has enabled me to create a greater understanding of the program itself which I will be able to use to my advantage in my future design career.

My personal target in the future would be to always ensure that I am consciously thinking about how the audience could interpret my work, and to remove all potential upsets in my designs if need-be.

Below is my final product, please click on the link to view my website.




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