Web Design Evaluation

Visual Communication

I feel as though my product meets the needs of the brief as I have produced a functional website that displays my design work, informs the user about me, where I am based and how to contact me if they are wanting to work with me in the future. I displayed this information by planning the most accessible and aesthetically pleasing website as possible, by using hyperlinks and a strong colour scheme. However the slight aspect whereby I have failed to meet the brief would be whereby I didn’t take ‘ample of screenshots’, I only took a few throughout the production stage therefore this is something I must ensure I improve on in my upcoming projects.

I believe there are many strong points of visual communication throughout my website, the first being that the audience can easily read and view my work that is presentable on the page as it has a clear font, strong colour scheme (font to background) and also large clear images. I used a bright colour scheme with light blue and cream and so I feel as though this will keep the engagement with the audience stronger.

The downfall to my visual communications would be that my website isn’t very interactive with transitions between pages, it just reloads the website to the page the user is being redirected to. I feel as though this would make my website much stronger however due to my lack of experience and understanding in Muse I feel this let me down slightly in this aspect.

I feel as though my website is hard to mis-interpret, this is because of its simple navigation throughout the website and the information on my website is in a clear font and simple English, therefore translation would not be a problem. However the user mis-understand that I do not live at West Kent College however it is my place of work and education, this is because I did not state this on my webpage. Aside to this I believe I have designed a strong website in terms of understanding and interpretation.

In my opinion I feel as though my website could be improved in terms of aesthetics and effects, this is because it is plain and simple, however the reason for this was due to my little understanding in Muse and so prevented me from showing my full potential. I believe if I were to undertake this project again and had a little longer to play around with Muse I would be able to drastically improve my final websites aesthetic and features. I came across many different problems with the program such as images being blurry when viewed on a browser, font becoming blurry when previewed in a browser if the font has been changed to something different to a standard font – this in my opinion limited my potential as I didn’t have enough time to find out the problem and tackle these challenges.

Reflection of own working practices

I think my time keeping was good for this brief even though I had 2 projects occurring at the same time and having a week missing in the computer room which I felt hindered my progression in Muse.

My research was very detailed as I looked into 8 different portfolio websites and analysed in-depth what I liked and disliked about them, and how I felt I could implement their ideas into my website. I feel as though I could’ve researched into different genres of websites, not just portfolio websites as it would’ve given me a larger understanding of web design as a whole, therefore I will ensure to research websites for my future understanding of website design as this is an area of graphic design I would like to go into in the near future.

My analysis of the brief was good, I had a strong understanding of what I needed to produce and what was expected of me and I thoroughly believe that I have met the needs of the brief.

Personally I enjoyed the research stage of the project as I was able to generate lots of ideas that I like for design and web design in general. This was extremely interesting and helped me a lot with planning/ sketching my final website. Aside to this I didn’t really enjoy the production side of this project as I didn’t feel confident with the software Muse, this led to be annoyed with myself as I was unable to achieve my full potential. On the positives by the end of the project I have gained a basic understanding of Muse and will hopefully be able to progress with the software in the future.

Overall I feel the project went well as it has enabled me to produce a base for my online portfolio allowing me to showcase my design work digitally. However I found the overall creation of the website challenging due to my little knowledge of Muse. Aside to the little understanding of Muse, this project has strongly benefitted me in the long term as I have a strong understanding of portfolio websites due to the research I have undertook and the way websites work due to the presentation we had from LTMRK (A local web design company in Tunbridge Wells).


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