Phenomenology – Eating Raisins

In this meditating exercise we were asked to imaging picking up a sultana and how it felt in between our thumb and index finger. Then we were asked to imagine smelling the sultana and what it was like, and finally we were asked to put the sultana on our tongue and taste it, what did it feel like/ taste like?

After imagining eating sultanas we then got real sultanas and repeated the exercise above with a real sultana and we realise how much of our imagination had missed out small certain aspects to the smell/ feel/ taste of the sultana. It was squishier than I had imagined and also had a stronger smell.

We were then asked to draw our own fruit which was from another planet and describe what it taste like. My fruit is drawn below and is very citrusy like an orange and has a rough wax skin like a lemon. The top of the fruit has leaves similar to the pineapple.



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