Evaluation of Ethics Brief

Visual Communication

I feel as though our product meets the needs of the brief as I have produced a poster regarding the ethical factors of cut flowers, as well as this we have used a shared dropbox folder and have all participated well as a group in this project. We displayed the information on the poster next to an illustration that is linked with the statistic which allows the audience to put two and two together using visual communication. As well as this we also made a joint blog whereby we wrote about the planning, process, design and print stages of the project, this shows that we have read the brief and have fully understood what is expected of us.

I believe there are many strong points of visual communication throughout our poster, the first being that the audience can easily read and view our work as it is presentable on the page as it has a clear font, strong colour scheme (font to background) and also large clear illustrations. We used a bright colour scheme with light blue background,  I feel as though this helps to bring out the illustrations more than the original beige colour we had.

The downfall to our poster I feel is that there is too much typography on the poster, we were told from our peer feedback that it seems a little too crowded which I agree with. I feel if we tried to experiment with the landscape layout I feel as though we could have more space on the page therefore making it seem less compact.

I feel as though our poster could be mis-interpreted as from our peer feedback the audience said that they was not 100% sure if we were trying to say that cut flowers are a good thing or a bad thing due to some of our statistics being unclear. For example 9 out of 10 workers on flower farms are female, some thought it was a good thing, however it could be interpreted that there is inequality, or the fact that it is unfair on females to work in the poor conditions. We wanted to make the poster as unbiased as possible in order to reduce the ethical problems.

In my opinion I feel as though our poster could be improved in terms of the typography and layout of the poster, however the reason I feel we struggled in this aspect was due to the given topic of ‘cut flowers’. This is because there is limited information online ‘Cut Flowers’ and how it is bad, the main reason is for the environment (pollution & transportation). I feel as though the topic we were given prevented us from achieving our full potential. If this was a potential brief I was given as a freelancer, I would’ve declined the job opportunity as I wouldn’t want to disappoint the client.

Reflection of own working practices

I think our time keeping was mainly good for this brief even though we had 2 projects going on at the same time. Our general time keeping was good as we originally finished the design 3 days before the deadline however after completing the test prints we realised we needed to change a few aspects of the poster. This lead us to rushing the last few hours of the deadline which I feel could’ve been prevented if we had done our test prints earlier.

Our research was fairly detailed as we researched into different statistics about cut flowers, for example the environmental implications, the working conditions on the flower farms, the money the flower farms make, how much money the UK spends on cut flowers etc. I feel that the research helped us to have a strong understanding of cut flowers (as a topic) which overall allowed us to be more diverse with the poster.

My analysis of the brief was good, I had a strong understanding of what I needed to produce and what was expected of me and the group, I thoroughly believe that we have met the needs of the brief.

Overall I feel the project went well, however the project would’ve been less stressful if we had worked better with the time keeping – ensuring that we do test prints earlier than later. I found the design and concept of the poster very fun and interesting as flowers are aesthetic, however I believe that the topic of cut flowers made it much more challenging for us as a group as we were significantly affected by the limited information online for us to find. This I feel hindered our overall poster massively.

Here is the final poster of ‘Cut Flowers’.



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