Feedback From Presentation

After the creation of our ethics poster on cut flowers we presented it to the class in order to gain some constructive criticism for further improvement of our design. We were told that our poster seemed too cluttered and there was too much text on the page, particularly down the side of the illustrations as it takes away the power of the illustrations and aesthetic of the poster. As well as this the text at the bottom of the page wasn’t sectioned off with thin lines as there were above so we were not consistent throughout and so the text looked as though it was ‘floating’ which was an issue we tried to fix previously however it wasn’t possible to add thin lines on the side as it was too squashed. Therefore I feel as though the layout of the poster could’ve  been the problem so we should’ve experimented with both horizontal and vertical layout. Below is a photo of our final product.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.11.59


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