Group Discussion of Ethics Poster

After printing our first test print we sat down together with our tutor and talked through what we liked and disliked about the poster. We came to the conclusion that our facts weren’t powerful enough and so lacked importance, this could’ve been due to the alignment of them as they appeared to be ‘floating’ on the poster, or it could’ve been the typography/ illustrations. After this we asked each other what we felt was the most important fact we wanted to portray and how we could positively change the design of the poster. Below is a photo of our first design concept.


From this we went away as a group and decided to change things up with our design, we didn’t think of this as a ‘struggle’ or a ‘horrible task’, we considered this as design problem solving because this happens in the design world as no design is perfect and there are always problems to be made.

From this we made the facts more impactful by increasing the size of the font and making the important statistics more clear cut with good illustrations. Also we added in thin black lines to section off each statistic which removes the potential problem of ‘floating facts’. Below is an image of the final design we came up with after the group discussion.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.11.59.png

As you can see the design is more clear cut and defined, particularly with the short time of 2 hours we had to redesign the poster. I still feel as though there are a few elements that are needed to be improved on the poster however the change has definitely been a positive impact of the design of the poster.

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