Sketches of Potential Ideas

At the beginning of this brief we made each other draw two thumbnail sketches of our ideas and we will work together to use the method of elimination as to which idea we would use. My 2 sketches are shown below.

As you can see the photo on the left was portrait, I wanted to portray the good and the bad sides of cut flowers and by doing so used some elements of visual communication and semiotics. The way I did this was to make the bad facts be on the left side where the flower was ‘dead/ dying’ and also to set the mood it was raining, whereas on the right side it was sunny and the flower was lively. I personally felt this idea was quite good as it shows the contrast between the good and the bad aspects of cut flowers clearly.

The second sketch I did was landscape as I felt that you could fit more facts in landscape. I had a central image of a bouquet of flowers and had facts springing off it. This is a more simplistic idea and didn’t really have good visual communication behind it, therefore immediately we removed this idea from the equation.

After some careful consideration and a process of elimination we decided to follow up with Rhys’ idea – shown below.


The reason we chose Rhys’ idea was because of the good symbolism and visual communication used between the workers and farmers. It is a similar concept to my idea with the flower, however we felt by using people as a method of communication it’ll make the audience more attracted to the poster as they could potentially relate.


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