Target Audience For Poster

“Your audience will be the ordinary people who are the purchasers, users and perhaps makers of the case studies you present. Be informative and frank, yet consider how you present the more difficult aspects (you can present any way you deem fit but show that you have justified your approach). You should assume the audience is local (UK) and you need to relate your case to their life, even (especially) when it’s life cycle might mostly take place overseas or away from the public eye.”

The quote above is from the brief as to who our target audience is, we will target our poster to a wide audience and to be as neutral as possible with statistics to reduce the biased-ness and allow the audience to have their own views and opinions. Cut Flowers are very common in everyones life as they purchase them for multiple different reasons, for example:

  • Birthdays
  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Mothers/ Fathers Day
  • Valentines
  • To Say Sorry

As you can see everyone had knowledge of cut flowers however they don’t necessarily understand the bad ethics behind them, and this is the reason we are designing this poster to raise the awareness neutrally with both good and bad things about cut flowers.


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