Watching & Analysing Videos Activity

We were given an activity to review some youtube videos and write about how they made us feel and what we thought about them. My responses are written below.

Thinking Like a Traveler [sic] – Tom Kelley

After listening to this presenter, he was trying to portray that if we as individuals are more observant and take more notice of the differences of the world around we will be better people as we have more advantages over others. When we go travelling around the world we notice different things such as different currencies, different cars, transportation etc. We should be like this all the time as it will make our brains more experienced as our brains are only ‘creative’ and can only imagine things if we have experienced them already/ before.

The Health Benefits of Going Outside –

After watching this video I feel as though there are some benefits to going outside of the house/ workplace and to be in the nature, this is because I personally feel it helps myself to destress and think about all of my problems – also this has been scientifically proven that it works. However I don’t believe we as humans have the time to sit outside for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, particularly for myself as my schedule is very busy, with both University work, my job & social life with friends. I think this would be beneficial to the people from the older generation with lots of time on their hands as it could potentially help them.

Concept Design = An Audi designer on the Audi A7 – 

It was very interesting to see the way the car designer thought about different aspects. Particularly the sun – I would never of thought about the sun and its reflection off the car and because of this it made the designer re-design certain panels of the car to enhance the aesthetic of the car when the sun shines.

Critical Design = Brandalism 2014 (short film) –

It’s interesting to see the process that goes into the creation of the poster and ‘brandilising’ the billboards. I thought it was a intelligent idea and worked very well even though it is against the law. It’s always a cheaper alternative.

Provotype  Design = Earthships: Living Off The Grid –

I thought that this was very creative, unique and a great way to help reduce global warming as everything is 100% eco-friendly. By re-using rainwater for water in the ‘Earthships’ and to use solar panels for electricity is a great idea. I found it intriguing to watch their design process aswell.




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