Trip to Design Museum

We went to visit the Design Museum on the 26th May to visit the Russian exhibition which allowed us to look at the Russian typography and lettering to help us for the alien part of this brief. However I am choosing not to opt for the alien brief as I feel as though I would be stronger in completing the other two tasks.

The trip was fairly educational however there wasn’t much type apart from one room where there was around 4 posters. I understand that the exhibition would be beneficial to those completing the alien brief however for me I didn’t find it very useful.


Russian Revolution Lesson

Key Issues for Design:-

  • UtopiaSetting up a new and ideal society where all have rights and an equal opportunity for well-being and happiness
  • Relationship of man and machinetechnology
  • Visual Communicationnew forms of representation
  • Design for goodDesign for society
  • Status of design and art
  • Rights and representation of women

Quote Design Process

Once planning my idea for the quote by sketching out a few ideas I went into Adobe Illustrator in order to make the digital creation. I initially started off by making a path with the pen tool and text wrapping it to the curved line I made. Below is an image of the outcome showing the curve in the text.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.37.42

I then did the same effect again for the lower message and placed in the rest of the quote again as shown below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.37.32

As you can see the main layout of the quote had been implemented however there were a couple of changes that needed to be made in my opinion to fit the quote. Firstly the colour of the typography, I wanted to use the colours of the French flag so the audience can make a relation between the quote and the language. Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.36.26After changing the colour of the typography I also added in some cultural images of France as the quote says ‘Everyone has different tastes’ which allows the images of a baguette and a frog as everyone has their own preferences.

The final product looks as shown below.

Tous les goûts sont dans la nature

Quote Sketches

After choosing my quote that I was going to follow through with I then went on to sketch some ideas of layouts for the quote. Below are a few photographs I took of my sketches of layouts. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

As you can see I made a few different styles playing around seeing which layout I preferred and I went with the design from the top left. It was a close call with the ‘Francais!’ design as I really liked the idea of the french flag in order to make a clear visual communication that it is a french quote. However after some careful consideration I felt as though the layout I chose reads much better and is more aesthetic.

Logo Speed Workshop

On Tuesday 23rd May we had a speed logo workshop whereby we as a class were all given a topic of ‘Design Volunteers’ and to make a logo for it. I initially started out with multiple sketches with paper and pencil in order to divergently create my ideas. I used google images to look at letter forms seeing if I could be creative in any way possible by either joining letters/ adding shapes etc. Below is an image of my sketches I did trying to think of some ideas.


After putting sketching out all my ideas I decided to select a couple of ideas that I liked and made a selection of which I found was the best idea to bring into the digital side.

These three sketches were my favourite due to the shapes used and also the flow and connection between the letters. From this I decided to go with the idea of making the letters join up, at first this proved difficult as I needed to find a typeface that worked, however after trial and error I found a successful typeface.

I started in Adobe Illustrator by using the letters ‘I’ and ‘C’ in order to make the letter ‘D’, as shown below from screenshots (please click on the images to enlarge them). I chose this typeface as it automatically had the effect of ‘white and black’ with the squares which I felt gave the design uniqueness.

From this stage I then needed to find use the ‘V’ and conjoin the two letters together, this wasn’t too challenging as the colour black is easy to merge for vectors. Therefore I put the letter ‘V’ to the side as shown below.

Originally I wasn’t happy with the ‘D’ and ‘V’ from floating therefore I joined them together and also underneath added the company’s name of ‘Design Volunteers’ just to re-iterate the company’s name on the logo. I feel as though this was fairly successful as it is clean, unique and effective.

Here is the final outcome.

Logo Design

Quote Ideas

When originally thinking about doing a quote I thought of doing something slightly out of the ordinary and to use a different language (French) instead of the generic English language. The reason for this was because French uses many different accents on letter forms which enables me to play around with some different effects. Below are some quotes I have translated from French into English.

Tous les goûts sont dans la nature. – All tastes are in nature. (All has different tastes)

On ne prête qu’aux riches. – We only lend to the rich (The rich get richer)

Qui va lentement va sûrement. – Who goes slowly goes surely (Slowly but surely)

Chacun voit midi à sa porte – Everyone sees noon at his doorstep

After doing research into French proverbs (expressions that have meaning when not translated literally) I selected 4 proverbs that I liked due to the lettering and also the meaning. I particularly like the first quote ‘Tous les goûts sont dans la nature’ due to the circumflex on top of the letter ‘u’ – this is because I am able to be creative with this circumflex.


Type Portfolio Brief

Today we have been given our new and final brief for the year. We were given a choice of 3 tasks and we had to pick 2 of them to complete. I have decided to choose the small typography project of a poem/ quote etc (task 3) and the typography for my memorial (task 5). The reason for this is because I feel as though my skills will be much stronger when designing Latin letter structures instead of creating my own typeface.

I will also be undertaking a logo design workshop on Tuesday 23rd May which is also part of this brief as task 2.

Editorial Design Evaluation

Visual Communication

I feel as though my products meet the needs of the brief as I have produced in total 4 double page spreads, 1 for the Crystal, 1 for Dungeness and 2 regarding my chosen environment. As well as producing a high quality piece of work I have researched in-depth into automotive photographers and double page spread layouts which meets the needs of the brief as this is a heavily based research project. I don’t feel as though I have failed to meet the needs of the brief as I have followed as I have been asked thoroughly all the way through, with regards to the dimensions of the double page spreads to the research tasks.

The visual communication within my double page spreads is fairly strong as the audience are able to understand that the large imagery of a building with the title ‘The Crystal’ represents that the double page spread is regarding the Crystal. Not just this but with regards to my chosen environment as well, my car is in each page of the double page spreads and so the reader/ audience will understand that the meaning of this double page spread is to promote the car. As well as the visual aspects the typography is well laid out and also easy to read and digest the information that is written down for the audience.

I feel as though the downfall to this brief for me was the double page spread for Dungeness, the reason for this was because on the trip I couldn’t really find anything interesting to take photographs of as it is like a desert. Therefore when coming to produce my double page spread I found it difficult, particularly when looking at my sketches and thinking where do I begin? Although I found this challenging I still believe that the double page spread turned out successful in the end.

I don’t feel as though my double page spreads could be mis-interpreted as they are very straight forward and to the point. I am promoting the Crystal exhibition & promoting Dungeness for its uniqueness to the UK due to the nature reserve. My double page spread for my chosen environment was just talking about my car and its specifications, again trying to promote the car in a positive way. Therefore I do not feel as though my double page spreads could be mis-understood.

In my opinion I feel as though my double page spreads could be improved, particularly the Dungeness double page spread due to the lack of photographs I took when visiting. In order to improve I would visit Dungeness again on a sunny day, most likely in the middle of Summer whereby there will be lots of wildlife (birds etc.) out and about and hopefully take some more interesting photographs.

Reflection of own working practices

I would say my time keeping for this project was good, the main reason for this was because I started my planning and research towards the beginning of the brief which gave me much more time to produce a high quality piece of work. My general time keeping was good as I originally finished the design 5 days before the deadline allowing me plenty of time to do test prints and fix potential issues that were present. After test printing the first time I had an issue and so as I had finished a while before the deadline I had the time to be able to make sure everything was perfect.

My research was fairly detailed as I researched into different automotive photographers in regards to my chosen environment, and also researched into the layout and style of different double page spreads. I feel as though I could’ve done slightly more research into grid layouts for magazines however I didn’t feel that this was needed as I had already analysed the layout and styles of existing double page spreads.

My analysis of the brief was strong, I had a great understanding of what was expected from me and when it was due for. I read the brief over at least 3 times in order to grasp a strong understanding of what I needed to do, this helped me in regards to planning my time efficiently and researching into what I needed to.

Overall I feel the project went very well and I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I found that keeping track of my time was very beneficial for me. This was particularly when I had trouble with printing as my test prints were coming out much darker and too saturated than I had anticipated. I found the design and concept of the double page spreads very fun and interesting as I was able to be creative and unique as the brief was very diverse allowing me to do as I wished.

‘Good Design’ Evaluation

Throughout this project brief I have tried to be as sustainable as possible by reducing our amount of wastage and time by making sure I used the fastest and most effective method to produce a high quality piece of work. The main aspect I tried to reduce as much as possible was the paper wastage as this was a print based project. This was difficult as I needed to do more than 1 test print as when I originally printed my test prints the outcome wasn’t as I expected as the photos were too saturated and dark. This was due to the low ink levels in the printer and poor paper quality, I realised this after re-test printing at a different printer.  Aside to this I only undertook 2 test prints and 1 final print therefore I feel as though the paper wastage was limited as much as it possibly could have been.

I considered the ethical implications for my project, the main ethical implication for the double page spreads was copyright infringement, in order to prevent this I ensured that all work produced is of my own. I also made sure that all photographs used and text wouldn’t be interpreted in a different way in order to cause offence to anyone.

For me I personally feel as though I have been more socially conscious in this project compared to previous projects as I have always been consciously thinking about ethical implications, how to prevent waste etc. I still believe that these projects are helping me more and more to become a socially conscious designer as each project I am improving.

My personal target in the future would be to always ensure that I am consciously thinking about how the audience could interpret my work, and to remove all potential upsets in my designs if need-be.