Layout sketches

Dungeness Double Page Sketches

For my initial sketch for the Dungeness double page spread I want to have 1 large landscape image of Dungeness on one of the covers with the title and on the other side have smaller images of things that Dungeness is known for such as the wildlife, nature reserve, power station etc. I then wrote about the photographs, why I took the photos and also what Dungeness is like. Here is an image of my sketch.


Crystal Double Page Sketches

For the sketch of the Crystal I wanted to keep the same idea I had with the Dungeness sketch as I wanted to increase the synergy between them. Therefore I decided to keep with the idea of the one main idea on one side and on the other have smaller photos and text explaining the images. I felt like the use of circles for the photographs makes the design look like a mini exhibition about the exhibition, I really liked this idea and decided to follow through with it. Here is my sketch for the Crystal double page spread.


My Environment Sketches

Below are my 2 double page spreads for my chosen environment. I have decided to use my car as an environment and change the surrounding areas. My first double page spread is about the interior of my car, on the first page will be a large image of the view of my car and on the other side will be zoomed in images of certain features, such as the gearbox, pedals, engine etc. Next to the images there will be text talking about the features.


On my second double page spread I will show the exterior features of my car. My idea is to use two different photographs of my car in different environments across the two pages showing a contrast between different environments. The juxtaposition will be great. I have a small concept I have drawn up earlier which is shown below in the sketch.





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