Research into photographers

I have researched into 2 different car photographers, named Greg Harding & Tim Andrew. They both specialise in automotive photography, however they also do other categories within photography such as portrait, landscapes, dental surgery, science & research etc. I felt that these 2 photographers had different techniques which were beneficial to my chosen environment. Below are some of the Greg Harding’s automotive photographic work.

I really like Greg’s style as it is very natural with its surrounding environment. The photographs are taken in real life places that are common and still manages to make them look so appealing. For example the angle of the photograph with the black Audi it is in a mountainous region with the sun rays just beaming through which makes the lighting of the image so great. I love this style of automotive photography. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

The photos above are a few photographs from Tim Andrew’s automotive portfolio. What I really love about his photos is the lighting and how unique and effective it is. The photograph whereby the light is following the car is so amazing, it shows where the car has travelled from but looks so realistic which for me is extremely impressive. I really like this style, particularly because I like doing photo manipulations, I would like to implement photo manipulations into my design work.



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