Test Prints

Before I went to print my final product I made sure to do test prints on regular A3 paper from the printer in the library. The reason for this is to pick up on any mistakes/ things I dislike about my design before I print it on expensive paper – this is a way to remove as much potential for waste. When I did my test print I reviewed the outcome and felt as though the colours were too dark and the text was very difficult to read because of this. I went back to my computer version and the colour tones were significantly difficult therefore I went to a different printer as the ink levels could’ve been low.I have added some photos below of my original test print, please click on the images to enlarge them.

I then went to the printer in the drop in room and did another test print on a proper EPSON printer and the outcome was much more successful, here are the outcomes – please click on the images to enlarge them.

After this I asked my tutors to proof read my typography to ensure there were no grammatical errors and also type design problems (soft returns to make the paragraphs look more aesthetic etc.) After this I changed a few things and also realised that on my final page (page7/8) the typography was too large therefore I lowered the scale of the typography which I felt made the double page spread more spacious and easier to read.

The test prints were very beneficial to me despite the fact I had to use/ waste a few pieces of A3 paper which isn’t 100% environmentally friendly, however it allowed me to make changes that were definitely needed.


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