Analysis of my photographs (My environment)

After I had taken my photos for my environment I had to decide which photographs were the best outcome for my final design. After reviewing the photos I noticed that some were better than others due to the lighting, ISO, blurry-ness etc.

Field of Views

Straight away after seeing the photograph above I wanted to use this image due to the angle of the car, the scenery in the background and the colours that were present in the image, I realised I could do so much with this image. Therefore I decided to make this image the main attraction on the front page.

I then came across these two images as my original concept was to have my car located in two different environments across the double page spread, however after some consideration this wasn’t possible. Therefore I chose which image I preferred the most as they are both strong photographs and used it on my second double page spread. I liked this image due to the lighting, scenery and weather.


When my plan was to implement close up photographs of key features of the car I wanted to attempted to take a photograph of the wheel, however after some photoshop attempts I couldn’t make the photo look aesthetic. I believe the reason for this was due to the poor lighting in the original photo and the dirty wheels themselves – this meaning I opted out of using this photograph.

Other exterior features of the car however were captured well and so I wanted to use these in the double page spread. I have a photo of the spoiler (left) and a photo of the front lights (right). These photos work well in my opinion due to the lighting, colour correction and the colour contrast between black and red, therefore I manipulated those photos into my double page spread.


As my original plan was to show a contrast between my car being in two different environments I needed to show the car in a rundown area and this photo was absolutely perfect for it. The car looks extremely menacing with its lights turned on and looking directly at the camera. I played around in photoshop with the colours and toners and managed to make this photograph look very strong, thus meaning I was able to use this in my double page spread successfully.

I feel as though overall I have taken some strong photographs and have successfully chosen the best possible images to use in my work. I really enjoyed taking photographs of my car and I hope to be able to do it again in the near future.

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