Editorial Design Evaluation

Visual Communication

I feel as though my products meet the needs of the brief as I have produced in total 4 double page spreads, 1 for the Crystal, 1 for Dungeness and 2 regarding my chosen environment. As well as producing a high quality piece of work I have researched in-depth into automotive photographers and double page spread layouts which meets the needs of the brief as this is a heavily based research project. I don’t feel as though I have failed to meet the needs of the brief as I have followed as I have been asked thoroughly all the way through, with regards to the dimensions of the double page spreads to the research tasks.

The visual communication within my double page spreads is fairly strong as the audience are able to understand that the large imagery of a building with the title ‘The Crystal’ represents that the double page spread is regarding the Crystal. Not just this but with regards to my chosen environment as well, my car is in each page of the double page spreads and so the reader/ audience will understand that the meaning of this double page spread is to promote the car. As well as the visual aspects the typography is well laid out and also easy to read and digest the information that is written down for the audience.

I feel as though the downfall to this brief for me was the double page spread for Dungeness, the reason for this was because on the trip I couldn’t really find anything interesting to take photographs of as it is like a desert. Therefore when coming to produce my double page spread I found it difficult, particularly when looking at my sketches and thinking where do I begin? Although I found this challenging I still believe that the double page spread turned out successful in the end.

I don’t feel as though my double page spreads could be mis-interpreted as they are very straight forward and to the point. I am promoting the Crystal exhibition & promoting Dungeness for its uniqueness to the UK due to the nature reserve. My double page spread for my chosen environment was just talking about my car and its specifications, again trying to promote the car in a positive way. Therefore I do not feel as though my double page spreads could be mis-understood.

In my opinion I feel as though my double page spreads could be improved, particularly the Dungeness double page spread due to the lack of photographs I took when visiting. In order to improve I would visit Dungeness again on a sunny day, most likely in the middle of Summer whereby there will be lots of wildlife (birds etc.) out and about and hopefully take some more interesting photographs.

Reflection of own working practices

I would say my time keeping for this project was good, the main reason for this was because I started my planning and research towards the beginning of the brief which gave me much more time to produce a high quality piece of work. My general time keeping was good as I originally finished the design 5 days before the deadline allowing me plenty of time to do test prints and fix potential issues that were present. After test printing the first time I had an issue and so as I had finished a while before the deadline I had the time to be able to make sure everything was perfect.

My research was fairly detailed as I researched into different automotive photographers in regards to my chosen environment, and also researched into the layout and style of different double page spreads. I feel as though I could’ve done slightly more research into grid layouts for magazines however I didn’t feel that this was needed as I had already analysed the layout and styles of existing double page spreads.

My analysis of the brief was strong, I had a great understanding of what was expected from me and when it was due for. I read the brief over at least 3 times in order to grasp a strong understanding of what I needed to do, this helped me in regards to planning my time efficiently and researching into what I needed to.

Overall I feel the project went very well and I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I found that keeping track of my time was very beneficial for me. This was particularly when I had trouble with printing as my test prints were coming out much darker and too saturated than I had anticipated. I found the design and concept of the double page spreads very fun and interesting as I was able to be creative and unique as the brief was very diverse allowing me to do as I wished.

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