Logo Speed Workshop

On Tuesday 23rd May we had a speed logo workshop whereby we as a class were all given a topic of ‘Design Volunteers’ and to make a logo for it. I initially started out with multiple sketches with paper and pencil in order to divergently create my ideas. I used google images to look at letter forms seeing if I could be creative in any way possible by either joining letters/ adding shapes etc. Below is an image of my sketches I did trying to think of some ideas.


After putting sketching out all my ideas I decided to select a couple of ideas that I liked and made a selection of which I found was the best idea to bring into the digital side.

These three sketches were my favourite due to the shapes used and also the flow and connection between the letters. From this I decided to go with the idea of making the letters join up, at first this proved difficult as I needed to find a typeface that worked, however after trial and error I found a successful typeface.

I started in Adobe Illustrator by using the letters ‘I’ and ‘C’ in order to make the letter ‘D’, as shown below from screenshots (please click on the images to enlarge them). I chose this typeface as it automatically had the effect of ‘white and black’ with the squares which I felt gave the design uniqueness.

From this stage I then needed to find use the ‘V’ and conjoin the two letters together, this wasn’t too challenging as the colour black is easy to merge for vectors. Therefore I put the letter ‘V’ to the side as shown below.

Originally I wasn’t happy with the ‘D’ and ‘V’ from floating therefore I joined them together and also underneath added the company’s name of ‘Design Volunteers’ just to re-iterate the company’s name on the logo. I feel as though this was fairly successful as it is clean, unique and effective.

Here is the final outcome.

Logo Design

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