Evaluation of Type Portfolio End of Year Brief

Visual Communication

When reading the beginning of this brief I had 1 section that was compulsory and the other 2 sections I could choose out of a possible 3 to complete. When completing the compulsory section of a logo design the workshop was supposed to arrive on Tuesday however the workshop couldn’t attend therefore we had to do our own logo design on the topic of ‘Design Volunteers’. I feel as though my design for this meets the needs of the brief as I the task was very diverse and open, there were limited guidelines allowing us to be as creative as possible. I decided to choose the two main letters of ‘Design Volunteers’ and used them in different letterforms and positions to give them a unique effect. I feel as though this was very good idea however the everyday reader wouldn’t understand the company name with just the letters ‘D’ and ‘W’, therefore I decided to add the company name at the bottom of the logo to make sure that it is clear. I don’t believe my logo design could be mis-interpreted by the audience as the logo is unique and simplistic, therefore the logo shouldn’t be made to think of a different company. Here is an image of the final outcome, I am happy with the outcome of this logo design because it is clean, smooth, unique and easy to read.

Logo Design

The second part of this brief was using typography to write a quote, poem or sentence and also to make our own brief. When making my own brief I chose a quote and to use little/ limited imagery in order to communicate with the order through typography. The reason I chose a quote was because people are able to read quotes and it makes them think about how it relates to their life and if it is impactful.

I feel like I met the needs of this brief as I made my own brief, and also followed my brief guidelines very carefully. I wasn’t really too keen on writing my own brief as I feel I could’ve made the brief too ‘brief’ and I feel I would’ve challenged myself more if I were given a better brief. I think there are strong aspects of my final product, as I make the relation between the language and the country by the colours used throughout the typography. I feel as though my illustrations used within the piece could’ve been improved and placed better, yet I feel this could’ve been improved with a more detailed brief as I said to use limited/ little imagery. The colour scheme I used was primarily the colours of the french flag, the reason for this was to communicate with the audience to realise that the language used is French. I believe that my typography could be mis-interpreted by some of my audience as they may not speak the French language, this could cause a mis-translation and mis-understanding of the quotation. Aside to this the aesthetics of my product couldn’t been mis-understood and cause ethical implications. Below is an image of my final product.

Tous les goûts sont dans la nature

For my third and final section of this brief I chose to design a memorial plaque for myself. The brief said for me to make sure that the plaque was representing myself, therefore I instantly wanted to make the plaque look clean, expensive yet simplistic – a representation of me. I feel as though I successfully met the needs of the brief as I made the plaque to fit me as much as possible. I started by researching into different memorial plaques and they all had different conventions, however for my plaque it needed to be all about me and a little message about myself. I chose the brass/ golden background as I wanted to make my plaque look ‘expensive’ which I think the background has achieved. I don’t feel as though my plaque could be mis-understood as the memorial plaque is for those that know me closely and so it would make sense to them and not to any others. Therefore I feel as though my plaque shouldn’t be mis-interpreted as it is clear that someone has died and is a memory for someone. Below is an image of the final plaque.

Memorial Plaque Conor Hall

“Good Design” Evaluation

Throughout this project brief I have tried to be as sustainable as possible by reducing my amount of wastage and time by making sure I used the fastest and most effective method to produce a high quality piece of work. The main aspect I tried to reduce as much as possible was the paper wastage as this was a print based project. I only undertook 2 test prints and 1 final print therefore I feel as though the paper wastage was limited as much as it possibly could have been.

I considered the ethical implications for my project, the main ethical implication for projects was the language used in the quotation as some could interpret the quote in different ways due to poor translation. In order to prevent this I used limited imagery to try and help the audience understand the quote. I also made sure that all photographs used and text wouldn’t be interpreted in a different way in order to cause offence to anyone.

For me I personally feel as though I have been more socially conscious in this project compared to previous projects as I have always been consciously thinking about ethical implications, how to prevent waste etc. I still believe that these projects are helping me more and more to become a socially conscious designer as each project I am improving.

My personal target in the future would be to always ensure that I am consciously thinking about how the audience could interpret my work, and to remove all potential upsets in my designs if need-be.



Process of Memorial Plaque

When starting the initial design for this section of the brief I wanted to have a strong background for the memorial plaque. I went into google and looked for brass background I then brought that into my Illustrator project and made the edges embossed – giving it a 3D feel as shown below.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.59.02

In order to enhance the 3D feel, I then added a stroke as an overlay to it making it slightly darker making the edges more pronounced as shown below. I think this was a good idea the reason for this was because it shows a contrast between the main text of the plaque and the outline, and also giving the plaque more definition.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.59.07

Finally, once I had designed my plaque I then brought in my text that I wanted displayed and chose a font that fitted nicely and represented me as a person. I wanted a nice “flowy” typeface as I am a calm, kind person.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.59.17

The reason I kept the design clean and simplistic was because I am a calm, kind and simple person. I made the letter ‘A’ on the small paragraph larger than all of the other letters for a stylistic feature as it just adds to the aesthetics and easy-ness to read. Overall I am pleased with the final outcome as it is as I planned, simple, clean, readable and personal to me.

The reason I chose the colour black was to show that the text would be ‘engraved’ into the brass plaque it wouldn’t just be printed onto it. This will slow down the rate of erosion the plaque would potentially occur during poor weather conditions that we have in the U.K.

Here is the final image.

Memorial Plaque Conor Hall.png

Research into Memorial Plaques

Before I started this task I decided to go onto Google and do a little research of memorial plaques to see different variations and what is written down on them. Here are a few photos I saved for my research.

All three of these memorial plaques are unique in their own way, some have a small poem on them, some have a little message about the person, and some just have their name and date of birth/ death. The memorial plaque I like the most is for ‘Trixie Hawke’ the reason for this is because the sentence is personal to the person and so I will opt to use this convention in my memorial plaque.

I do like the ‘Holly’ plaque as the message has a nice flow to it as it rhymes however it doesn’t display the date of birth and isn’t as personal to the person, however it is a message from those left behind and not actually about Holly.