Research into Memorial Plaques

Before I started this task I decided to go onto Google and do a little research of memorial plaques to see different variations and what is written down on them. Here are a few photos I saved for my research.

All three of these memorial plaques are unique in their own way, some have a small poem on them, some have a little message about the person, and some just have their name and date of birth/ death. The memorial plaque I like the most is for ‘Trixie Hawke’ the reason for this is because the sentence is personal to the person and so I will opt to use this convention in my memorial plaque.

I do like the ‘Holly’ plaque as the message has a nice flow to it as it rhymes however it doesn’t display the date of birth and isn’t as personal to the person, however it is a message from those left behind and not actually about Holly.


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